About the Cast, Redneck Roots
Redneck Roots Movie, Dean Napolitano

Dean Napolitano as Ben

Dean is an accomplished, multi-talented actor and comedian.  He takes the lead role in Redneck Roots as a Yankee who follows his girlfriend South but has no idea what to expect.  Dean has also appeared in numerous dramatic TV shows such as Heroes, The Shield, Burn Notice and Army Wives and tours the country as a stand-up comedian.
Redneck Roots Movie, Heather Gilliland

Heather Gilliland as Chris Dowdy

Born in Chesapeake, Virginia. Heather knew from a young age she wanted to be an actress.  She stars as Chris, a reinvented city girl embarrassed of her Redneck Roots.  She has also appeared in dramatic independent film roles, and you may recognize her from commercials for Luminosity, Motorola and Bojangles.
Redneck Roots Movie, Grandma Lee

Grandma Lee as Grandma Dowdy

Military wife and mother of four children, Grandma Lee caught the nation’s attention appearing as a stand-up comedian at age 75 on season four of America’s Got Talent.  She brings her ageless humor and impeccable timing to Redneck Roots as Grandma Dowdy.
Redneck Roots Movie, Dan Cox

Dan Cox as Daddy Dowdy

Dan plays the patriarch of the Dowdy family, a real redneck with true creative talent.  Dan has also appeared in comedies like Weekend at Bernie’s and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and TV series such as Matlock.
Redneck Roots Movie, Carol Anne Watts

Carol Anne Watts as Amber Jo

Carol is a Raleigh, North Carolina native who has appeared in several television shows and independent films such as The Artifact and Whittaker Bay.  She won Best Supporting Actress at both the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival and the Hoboken International Film Festival for her role in Redneck Roots.  She plays Chris’ headstrong little sister who’s not ashamed of her redneck side.
Redneck Roots Movie, Jeff Hamerick

Jeff Hamrick as Darrell Pigg

Jeff has worked behind the scenes as a prop designer for years.  He makes his film-acting debut as Darrell Pigg, a local disc jockey with an unfortunate case of Tourette’s who’s still in love with his grade school sweetheart.
Redneck Roots Movie, Gina Steward

Gina Stewart as Estaleen Dowdy

Gina has appeared in television, movies and theater for more than 20 years.  She has made appearances on such shows as Walker, Texas Ranger, Dawson’s Creek, Homeland and The Walking Dead.  In Redneck Roots she plays Chris’ mother, a devout Christian women and much needed counterpart to Daddy Dowdy.
Redneck Roots Movie, Ed Miller

Ed Miller as Uncle Rabb

Ed Miller is an actor and editor, known for West Bloomfield. Ed’s loving and funny performance as Uncle Rabb helps tie all of the nutty characters together with a warm and fuzzy bow.
Redneck Roots Movie, Rebecca Coon

Rebecca Koon as Mamma Pigg

Hailing from Spartanburg, South Carolina, Rebecca has thirty years of acting experience in film, television and theater.  In Redneck Roots she plays Darrell’s overbearing mother and small town broadcasting entrepreneur Mama Pigg.  Some of her most noteworthy credits include roles in the films A Time to Kill, Radio and The Notebook.
Redneck Roots Movie, Mitzi Corrigan

Mitzi Corrigan as Sydel

Mitzi has worked behind the scenes as a casting director for years.  She makes her film-acting debut in Redneck Roots as Ben’s overbearing mother.
Redneck Roots Movie, Abby Corrigan

Abby Corrigan as Lou Ann

Abby is a talented up-and-coming actress who has an impressive number or credits in film, television and theater for someone so young.  In Redneck Roots she plays a tomboy who prefers to drop the second half of Lou Ann from her name.  She took a lead role in the film South for the Winter and has appeared on TV shows like BansheeHomeland and Castle Rock.
Redneck Roots Movie, Janine Davis

Janine Davis as Bonita

Janine is a multi-talented performer.  She is a motivational speaker, newscaster, radio host and TV personality in addition to her acting work.  In Redneck Roots she plays the town’s sassy convenience store clerk. 
Redneck Roots Movie, Stephen T. Ware

Stephen T. Ware as Officer Davies

Stephen is a veteran actor of over 200 roles in theater, television and film.  Notable appearances include the film The Ultimate Life, the HBO series Banshee and perhaps most notably in Bull Durham as the umpire abused by Kevin Costner’s character. In Redneck Roots he plays the only peace officer in this usually sleepy town.