Watch Redneck Roots Trailer
``Redneck Roots`` is a fantastically funny film that was a huge hit at the 2012 Wet Your Pants Comedy Film Festival. We were honored to award them the Steve Pearce Memorial Award, an award created to honor the memory of our festival's inspiration. Each and every character in this film is unforgettable with some of the greatest personality quirks we've seen.- Wet Your Pants Comedy Film Festival
Really enjoyable film with memorable characters. From those down South, you will probably recognize members of your own family. For those new to the South, you will laugh and embrace your new friends. Highly recommended.- Ralph A. Boral
I was in stitches watching this movie. Loved the characters and the honest fun of it all. To my snobby northern don't know what you are missing!- Lolly C
Loads of fun and well worth watching. A feel-good movie that is uproariously funny. This movie is a real redneck riot for the whole family.- Melanie R
This is such a unique and original take on the ``southern romantic comedy.`` It succeeds in portraying authentic ``redneck`` characters and southern atmosphere, while still remaining relatable and hilarious to everyone that watches it. The talented cast shines throughout the movie and will have you crying with laughter. Watching Redneck Roots is an experience that everyone in the family will enjoy!- mere1709
A genuine and lighthearted movie! You don't have to be from the south to relate to Crystal Lynn's crazy family. Grandma Lee had me in tears from laughing. What I loved the most as a southerner watching this movie were the details that really made it feel like my home town. Super cute and heartwarming movie!- sebyrne16