Cast & Crew

Cast of Characters

Chris Dowdy
(Heather Gilliland)

Beautiful and ambitious, this country girl thinks she outclasses her family. When she meets the man of her dreams she can’t bear to bring him home to her “redneck roots.”

Ben (Dean Napolitano)

Sexy, Yankee Jewish boyfriend to Southern gal Chris. When Ben goes below the Mason Dixon Line, he’s a fish out of water!

Amber Jo
(Carol Anne Watts)

Sweet as pecan pie but get her riled and she can sting like a hornet. Bus driving senior, she is graduating second in her class. Amber aspires to bring beauty in to the world.

Grandma Dowdy
(Grandma Lee)

This foul-mouthed, smarty-pants grandma stole the show on America’s Got Talent and she’s gonna steal the show on Redneck Roots, cause Grandma tells it like it is.

Bonita (Janine Davis)

Janine brings class and sass to Bonita, the town’s patient convenience store clerk. She’s hipper and smarter than anyone in town and is about to take Daddy Dowdy to school!


Dowdy (Dan Cox)

Big. Fun. Lovable, redneck dad to the Dowdy family; he’s a complicated good old boy. Late bloomer with an artistic side.


Estaleen Dowdy
(Gina Stewart)

Momma Dowdy. A good Christian woman with a devil of a tongue. Sassy and stuck in a fashion time warp, she is the mother hen of her brood.

Darrell Pigg
(Jeff Hamrick)

Making his film acting debut, Jeff plays a loveable, lovesick Disc Jockey at WPIG.  Plagued by socially inappropriate outbursts (Tourette’s), along with his Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS), he’s a loose cannon at both ends.

Uncle Rabb (Ed Miller)

Dowdy’s younger brother—can they really be from the same family? A floral shop owner, Rabb has a flair for style and design. This charming gay character always comes to the rescue when it’s party planing time.

Mamma Pigg
(Rebecca Koon)

Overbearing but loving Southern mom. Sharp. Made good on her own. The town entrepreneur. Mamma only wants the best for her son, Darrell.

Sydel (Mitzi Corrigan)

Overprotective, overbearing and opinionated. Don’t mess with this mamma, she’ll stop at nothing to shelter her son.

Lou Ann (Abby Corrigan)

Lou Ann is bringing back the Mullet Cut. This stubborn yet sympathetic tomboy is in real life a seasoned actor with an immense skill set and she’s only 12.

Police Officer Davies
(Stephen T. Ware)

A small town, by-the-book constable. As the town’s only peacekeeper, officer Davis can manage it all; one squad car, one gun and one jail cell.


Writer & Director:

Joanne Hock


Executive Producer / Producer:

Robin Grey


Executive Producer:

Heidi Dove


Executive Producer:

Lisa Gergely



Clyde Baumwell


Director of Photography:

Steve Saxon


Line Producer:

Kay Thompson


First Assistant Director:

Paul Barrett


Unit Production Manager:

Dorie Maddocks